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We strongly believe in the power of good conversation and dialogue, with both our prospective and current clients.

Nothing improves on face to face meaningful discussion; therefore we would be delighted to talk to you to understand your needs.

You may have noticed we do not show imagery or give details on our web site of the successes we share with our major clients; as we believe our clients' success should remain with them to advertise and not us.

As one of our clients you will receive this level of discretion in everything we share.

This website is designed to give you an overview of what we offer and how we can help you.

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Welcome to our client's reserved area. Our clients are the most important part of our business, that's why we don't extensively advertise their success on our website. We believe our service and relationship with what we do for our clients should stay between just the two of us. Our client's success should be for them to advertise, not us.

Each of our clients has their own designated workspace area. The information we hold here is not designed to be viewed by another client or site visitor, that's why it's password protected.

Clients please log in with your username and password. Anyone else sorry - please just click the contact us button.


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Product sampling

A taste of what your company has to offer.

What better way to promote what your company has to offer than by actual product sampling or product demonstration? Then everyone can see how great your product is!

However, we are sure people have all too often witnessed bad examples of this when it is carried out in a poor way. With our 30 years experience in retail, you can be sure that we'll make your product sampling and product demonstrations a seamless success. We believe we set new standards in sampling by the quality of staff we provide, the training they receive and the consistent high levels of customer satisfaction we achieve.

Our standards cannot be more important than when we are sampling food brands. Our end to end management of the food delivery, preparation and customer sampling, ensure we work to the highest levels of food hygiene and presentation standards achievable.

So what can we offer you? ....... Top quality chefs, food-hygiene-trained sampling staff and competent demonstrators.

You can be assured that all our staff are handpicked by us, specially selected and fully trained with good product knowledge before your event.

In this new era of experiential marketing consumers want to see, taste, smell and touch a product first hand before they are willing to purchase. Product sampling is a very memorable experience and stimulates customers to buy a product by giving them a taste for it.

It's also a cost-effective way to create awareness, and prompts sales by putting products into the hands of those most likely to buy it.

Telephone : 0161 822 0061